Tuesday, 11 February 2014

How to avoid sticky porridge

Sometimes porridge can be really icky. In Swedish we have a word - "klister", meaning glue but with connotations of being very sticky - this word describes very well what porridge can be like at it's worst. If this is the kind of porridge you've been served there's no wonder if you're not a big porridge fan.

If you're porridge comes out gluey, it can be be because the oats are from the end of the bag and contain lots of "oat-dust" which is essentially flour, and works the same way as when you use flour as a thickener. Adding more liquid will make it less sticky, but because of the flour content it will be less textured than porridge and more like gruel. So here are the top two things you should do to avoid sticky porridge:
  • use oats that are in good condition, avoid the dust in the bottom of the package
  • use enough liquid (with porridge there's always the option of adding more liquid at any time)
Good luck!

written by Charlotte

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  1. What can you do with sticky porridge? can you make some oat balls or something? or just throw it out?