Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmas porridge in an ancient rice-cooker

As my sister mentioned in her last post - I do own a rice-cooker. It was given to me five or six years ago when I was living in South Korea and it was ancient already when I got it. It has two functions: cook and keep warm. I think. I've actually written COOK with a black marker where I think the Korean text says "cook". Keep warm is what it seems to be doing when it's not on "cook".

Anyways, I threw in the same ingredients as Linn-Sofie used, except of course in Finland you can go to the store and get a bag of rice specifically designated for porridge. I opted for Californian short grain rice which is round, absorbs loads of liquid and fluffs up similarly to the finnish porridge rice (which for all i know might be californian too..). I let the water boil in first (ca 10min) and then poured in the milk and let the cooker do it's thing for another 40min.

What I learned was this:

  • making rice porridge in a rice-cooker really works
  • it takes about the same time as making it on the stove but needs less attention
  • you don't need quite as much liquid, so next time I'm going to make do with 8dl of milk instead of 1L
Be aware of these:
  • d o n' t    c l o s e    t h e    l i d   . Milk boils over really easily.
  • stir it a bit at the end when there's less liquid left
  • if your rice-cooker is ancient it will burn to the bottom of the pan (but if you don't touch the burnt bits underneath the rest of the porridge will taste fine!)

If anyone tries this with a slightly more modern rice-cooker, please post tips below! I will be getting a new cooker at some point so I'll test it out with different types of porridge and let you know how it goes!

written by Charlotte

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