Wednesday, 11 December 2013

This is us

The "we" of these posts are Charlotte and Linn-Sofie, two sisters who live thousands of miles apart from each other and used to do everything together. This blog, apart from all the inspiration it can give to millions of current and potential porridge lovers around the world, is a way for us to stay connected to each other.

Our situations are quite different: Charlotte lives in a townhouse in Vancouver trying frantically to finish her master's thesis while being distracted by various other things, and Linn-Sofie lives in a red little cottage with a garden just outside Helsinki, raising a wild, blond little kid and expecting another one.

Our porridge needs differ. Linn-Sofie probably wouldn't put whisky in her porridge, which would make the Scotsman (you'll get that recipe in a bit - just needs a bit of tweaking!), and Charlotte usually doesn't have shelves full of all kinds of fruit mash that result in superhealthy and sometimes surprising combinations that work both for little ones and growner-ups. We'll put our signatures under the recipes we submit so you can follow who's posting.

We are not professional chefs and don't aspire to be. We make lots of mistakes and sometimes burn our food (especially Charlotte). But we can make a good porridge and so can you! We publish our recipes in cups, deciliters, pinches, grams and whatever seems to work, but if you get confused don't hesitate to post comments and ask questions and we'll try our best to answer as quickly as possible!

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