Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas porridge

The traditional Christmas porridge, or rice porridge, is an important part of the christmas time menu in Scandinavia. It is served all through December really, but in our childhood home it was something that our mom made for breakfast on Christmas Eve. It is made from milk, water, round porridge rice and salt and it is served with cinnamon and sugar and an "eye" of butter on top.

Rice porridge or Christmas porridge

2 dl water
2 dl round porridge rice
1 L milk
a pinch of salt
(1 tbsp butter)

To serve:
cinnamon, sugar, butter

1 blanched almond

Bring the water to the boil in a pot, non-stick pots are handy since milk easily sticks to the pan when you cook it for a long time. Add the rice and cook till the water has been absorbed. Add the milk and let simmer under a lid for about 40 minutes. Remember to stir often so it doesn't burn. Also be careful so the porridge doesn't boil over. I recommend staying close to the pot at all times so you notice it immediately if it does.

Season with some salt and finish off with the butter if you want. I used skimmed milk so i added butter at the end to give it a softer, creamier taste.

Now, what do you do with the almond? Before you serve the porridge, you add the almond and mix it in so you don't see it. The person who gets the almond is lucky. There are different traditions as to what the almond means but the generally accepted idea is that the one who gets the almond will be married in the year to follow. Other traditions are that you get to make a wish or that you get an "almond gift" which could be a box of chocolates for example.

Yum! Rice porridge served with cinnamon and sugar and an "eye" of butter on top.

I have heard rumours that you can make rice porridge using a rice cooker but since i don't have the aforementioned equipment i haven't tried it. But Charlotte owns one, even if it is ancient, and she will give it a try and let you know how it works out.

written by Linn-Sofie

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